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Goal Coach Instructions

“Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.” - Aristotle

Congratulations on choosing the best app on the market to help you achieve your personal goals and make the character improvements that will allow you to become the person you want to be! The best way to achieve the change you desire is to have written, achievable goals and to track your efforts daily. Furthermore, encourage yourself to stick to the daily reminders and tracking by rewarding your efforts. This app will help you with all those important steps on the road to meaningful goal achievement and personal growth. How to Start: Create a couple of goals on the monthly goal tracking page. Assign yourself a reward achieving a specific goal completion rate (Percentage Completion Reward) during the month. For example, let's say you want to lose weight and be more loving to your children. Set one goal to eat fewer than 1800 calories a day and another goal to give your kids a specific and positive comment each day. Every day that you do either, check it off for that day on the app. Hopefully at the end of the month you will have completed your desired goals enough of the days to achieve your reward.

Percentage Completion Reward:
Choose a realistic “Percentage Completion Reward,” that is the percentage of the days you will complete your goals in order to reward yourself. If you currently eat below 1800 calories and tell your kids something nice about 40% of the time, set your reward percentage to 50%. Something that will stretch you, but not be so large that you lose motivation and give up. This percentage is for all of your goals combined. If you tell your kids something nice 20% of the time and eat below 1800 calories 60% of the time, you would have an average of 40% completion between the two. Don't worry if you don't know the exact percentage the first month. Set a low goal and give yourself a reward for using the app for one month. Then, take that percentage you actually get and use it to set your goal the following month.

Understanding Goals:
As you can see, this app is more for the difficult goals that require daily efforts. If you goal is to get into college, break it up into smaller goals (such as study 30 minutes more a day) that will actually allow you to achieve the larger goal. After a while your goals have either been accomplished or as in the case of personal changes, your efforts have become a habit.

When You Reach Your Goals, Review Them:
If your goal was a singular accomplishment, it can be deleted. On the other hand, if you have developed a habit you will periodically need to check and make sure that habit hasn't slipped away. For this reason you can move your goal to the less frequently reviewed Quarterly Review Page instead of daily review on the monthly log page. If you slip out of your good habit you can move it back to the monthly page and track it daily again. If you keep doing fine, after a couple quarterly reviews you can move it to the Mastered Habits page. This is a nice check and balance to help you keep your habits strong instead of letting them quietly slip away. It is much easier to keep a good habit than it is to lose a bad habit again.

Mastered Habits:
You can also move your completed singular accomplishments to this page rather than deleting them. A major benefit to this page is that you have the ability to see the hard work you've accomplished over time. Rather than marking off a checklist and never seeing it again, you can keep it here like a trophy room. Enjoy periodically looking over the hard work and efforts of your past to give you motivation to keep making those changing and receiving the satisfaction that comes from setting and achieving personal goals!

A reminder will occur each day according to the settings you set. Choose a time that you will likely be able to spend a few seconds marking off the completion of your goals. It is recommended that you do it at night for the current day or early for the previous day. Also, a reminder for the quarterly review will happen every 3 months from the time that you start the program. This will appear on the home screen telling you it is time for the quarterly review. Once that message has been cleared it won't pop up again for 3 more months.